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baby carriers

Baby carriers

Cotton Doux-Doux baby carriers

Closeness between parent and child is not a something which should only be experienced at home. From the beginning of our wonderful parenting journey, our intuition has been telling us that the need for closeness is independent of where one is. That need is always there. At night and during the day. At home and out in the open. In everyday situations and on long journeys. Fascinated by parenting and the need to share the beauty of nature with children, we decided to do something about it. And we did just that. Doux-Doux quality baby carriers are made of natural fabrics. There is a choice of models, suitable for both short walks and out of town hikes.


Are you looking for a unique baby carrier? Choose one that...

Price zł569.00


Holding onto with all toes, a gecko is able to support the...

Price zł569.00

Poppy-Seed Lady

Poppy-Seed Lady is a little dreamer. She loves travelling and taking frequent walks in the company of loved ones.

Price zł549.00

Small Roses

Small roses for your child's big heart. This exceptional...

Price zł569.00


Designed by a talented graphic designer, the charming bird is a symbol of freedom and love for nature.

Price zł549.00

Little Prince

The Little Prince soft structured carrier is a wonderful adventure for the toddler and their carer.

Price zł549.00


Toddlers love our cosy Thumbelina and its vibrant colours. Try it and you'll love it too!

Price zł549.00

Calm Harbour

Angel Light baby carrier is a product dedicated to nature and sea adventure lovers.

Price zł549.00


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Ergonomic baby carriers – what does that actually mean?

Perhaps this is the first time you have come across the term "soft structured baby carriers". No wonder, after all this way of carrying babies is a fairly new (and a rapidly growing) phenomenon on the streets of Polish cities. Baby carriers are a popular choice for parents who are already slinging their babies and are bringing them up in closeness. It is an excellent alternative to traditional prams. Every parent knows that even the most compact and robust pram will falter when confronted with the power of nature. Our soft structured carriers are a must whenever one has to deal with mountain trails, forest paths, streams and long walks.

All ergonomic Doux-Doux carrier models ensure the baby stays in a neutral position. Maintaining such a position is extremely important, especially for babies whose spinal curvature has not yet developed properly. Ergonomic carriers have a wide seat, no rigid back support (which cannot be said for hard carriers) but a soft, wraparound panel instead and soft filling where the baby's legs go as well as a carefully shaped, stuffed headrest supporting the head of a peacefully sleeping youngster. We use certified organic yarn, completely free of substances harmful to humans and the environment. Free from pesticides, chlorophenol, formaldehyde, dyes and heavy metals. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate stands testament to the quality of our baby carriers.

Close, healthy and most importantly, facing the parent!

There is a reason why for centuries babies have been carried facing the adult. Cloths, wraps, shawls or simply finely woven fabrics are ideal for carrying a baby. In each of these the baby is facing the wearer. And you might wonder why not facing the world? Because then the baby's spine is too straight and it is not possible for the baby's legs to rest naturally in the frog position. In addition, the baby's head visibly protrudes from the parent's chest without any support. Guided by experience, reason, observation and knowledge of the human anatomy, we opt for soft structured carriers which hold and wrap the baby like the best cuddly doudou (French: a thing a baby never parts with).

Cotton carriers have an important advantage over classic slings: you don't have to wrap them or learn how to tie them. Handy, practical and always ready to use. All baby carrier models available in the shop are made of a rectangular piece of fabric (panel), shoulder straps and a waist belt. A custom-made carrier can be sewn in one of three sizes depending on the size of your child (M – up to 80 cm, L – up to 92 cm and XL – more than 92 cm). Start your adventure with a carrier as soon as your baby can sit up and stay in the sitting position unaided and until he or she reaches 20 kg (approx. 3 years old).

Natural cotton carriers – for the benefit of the baby and the parent

A Doux-Doux carrier establishes a cohesive bond between parent and child, which is why it is equally important for us to take care of the parent's comfort. Adjustable baby carriers spread the baby's weight evenly across the wearer's hips and shoulders, the shoulder straps are softly stuffed with special foam and the waist belt is thick and retains its shape permanently. Pay particular attention to the location of the buckles. The buckle is located on the side part of the waist belt, which maximises wearing comfort and protects the abdomen from the unpleasant pressure of the buckle.

Beautiful baby carriers with an appliqué– original designs straight from children's imaginations

We have left a real gem for the end – professional graphic designs that surprise with their colour harmony, original patterns and their creative representation of the world. Proudly wearing with the Doux-Doux brand logo, these cotton baby carriers are handcrafted and no art lover can possibly remain indifferently in their presence. Landscapes, cute animals and carefree children playing in nature. You are sure to find the model of your dreams among our many original soft structured baby carriers. For all weathers, seasons and occasions. For yourself or as a gift. Use until it wears out or hand it down to the next family.


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