Contemporary adjustable baby carrier – wrap your baby in natural fabric and show them the beauty of nature

Once it was wicker baskets, aprons and scarves, and right next to them, homespun slings loved by women. When compact pushchairs appeared on the baby accessories market, it seemed that nothing would be able to compete with that phenomenon. And yet... An ergonomic adjustable baby carrier features premium certified organic cotton and carefully foam-filled straps with side buckles. Original Doux-Doux carriers guarantee safety.


Product details

Brand: Doux-Doux
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Features: safe, comfortable, eco-friendly, ergonomic, provides closeness
Weight rating: up to 20 kg
Age: 4 months old and older
Carrying positions: baby in the front – facing the parent, on the back – facing the parent
Materials: 100% cotton
Use: 4 seasons na prezent, travel
Made for: boys, girls
Size: regulowany,
ean13: 0080094568020

Using a baby carrier

At Doux-Doux we support young parents who have active lifestyles

Many people still struggle with the question of whether parenthood really means making constant sacrifices and giving up your way of life. Well, our answer to that question is an adamant NO! Daily walks, closeness to nature and meeting friends are like air. Without it, every parent foregoes a part of themselves and sacrifices happiness. A natural adjustable baby carrier delivering improved comfort is a phenomenal alternative to classic pushchairs. Set your hands free – only parents will understand this fantastic idea.

The Kingfisher adjustable baby carrier is easy to use and care for. It comes with step-by-step instructions introducing you to a wonderful world where closeness and nurturing family bonds reign supreme.

Comfort and safety

Fashionable, comfortable and 100% safe

Did you know that in psychoanalysis a bird is considered a symbol of a sleeping person? This is exactly what babies do in our carriers. No wonder, who wouldn't want to snuggle up to a loving parent while walking outside? Soft padding for the legs, excellent cushioning, a carefully shaped headrest, natural body positioning and the added bonus of a sporty adjustable hood. A true masterpiece in the full sense of the word.

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