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Practical and attractive clothes for the whole family

Our range of products also includes skin safe and environmentally friendly clothing sets for children and parents. For mothers and daughters, we have panty liners and pads – sewn in the spirit of zero waste, using by-products derived from the production of reusable nappies. Made using natural, skin-friendly fabrics, they are ideal for both mature ladies and those just discovering their femininity.

For youngsters who are just discovering the world of independent eating, we have practical bibs, made in the spirit of BLW (Baby-led Weaning). A pocket which collects falling leftovers means our child has an opportunity to try a variety of foods – without fretting about making a mess. All our bibs are made of safe, breathable, quality certified materials. Their ergonomic design means that they do not fall off when in use. Velcro fasteners facilitate quick and simple removal. Doux-Doux bibs are ideal for our little ones just discovering the fascinating world of different flavours and foods!


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