Doux-Doux is a way of life that came to us together with our children. Privately, we are married and parents to six children: five sons and one daughter.

We began looking into making baby carriers in 2007, with the birth of our third son. At first it was just a way to get away from everyday life. Over time it changed into a passion and a job. Every new baby carrier presented a new set of challenges. In the meantime, a fourth and fifth son joined our three older sons. We had someone to test our products on! And now we are happily carrying our daughter.

Every single item which comes out of the Doux-Doux workshop, is crafted for your child, with both of you in mind. When making Doux-Doux carriers, we rely on our own experience of closeness and the centuries old tradition of carrying babies, so that you, as a parent, can be sure that carrying babies is comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing!

In choosing Doux-Doux, you opt for natural fabrics, reinforced seams, unique patterns and appliqués.

Kasia and Wojtek Olszewscy


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