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An ergonomic baby carrier – we set high standards at Doux-Doux

We create original designs for natural carriers, which stand out due to the softness of the fabrics. The perfect fabric is one that does not inhibit airflow, irritate the skin or cause chafing. Cotton, linen and silk – these are our choices and we stick by them!

Nothing happens by chance when it comes to the available collections of ergonomic baby carriers. We carefully select the colours, design and details in cooperation with a graphic designer. The result is a Doux-Doux carrier that will enchant the whole family.

Product details

Brand: Doux-Doux
In stock: 2 Items
Features: safe, comfortable, eco-friendly, ergonomic, provides closeness
Weight rating: up to 20 kg
Age: 4 months old and older
Carrying positions: baby in the front – facing the parent, on the back – facing the parent
Materials: 100% cotton
Use: 4 seasons na prezent, travel
Made for: boys
Size: regulowany,
ean13: 0080094567870

Using a baby carrier

Cotton baby carriers – easy care and long use

When your baby starts to sit up on their own, it's a sign that they are ready for walks in a natural carrier. This sturdy Doux-Doux carrier can be safely used until your child reaches 20 kg.

Don't be afraid that carrying an older child will be an unpleasant experience. Nothing of the kind! The soft padding of the shoulder straps and the buckle fastenings on the side of the waist belt guarantee 100% freedom of movement, even after three candles have been blown out on a birthday cake.

How to care for Doux-Doux cotton carriers so that they do not lose their charm and functionality? Simply wash the carrier whenever necessary by following instructions in the manual.

Comfort and safety

Feel natural, act natural and love that state!

Soft structured baby carriers are the perfect solution for parents who don't know how to tie a baby sling despite watching hundreds of tutorials. Click and it's ready! An ergonomic baby carrier requires the minimum of effort. Doux-Doux is a Polish manufacture created with the safety, comfort and convenience of the child and parent in mind.

The weight of the baby is evenly distributed on the hips and shoulders of the wearer and the wide, full seat perfectly supports the baby's sweet bottom and thighs. Perfect for not only short walks but also long hikes. Nature inspires us. We do our utmost not to disturb it. Cotton baby carriers have a soft panel to allow the baby to assume the correct natural position.

You will start with your first child, and in the future the offspring that comes next will also enjoy the benefits of a Doux-Doux carrier. Adjustable, approved straps, buckles secured with an elastic band, a contoured headrest, smooth adjustment of the panel supporting the child and soft padding for the legs. On top of that several sizes are available, there is an option to go for an adjustable carrier and four colours! What else could you possibly want?

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