Unique design

Where did this unique design come from?

Kurpie is a region in Poland that stretches picturesquely between three rivers: Narew, Pisa and Orzyc. It is both the name of the region and of the people living in Puszcza Zielona. Puszcza Biała has also been their home for the last three hundred years. The inhabitants of this region have a rich and unique culture, which they used to expressed through speech, costume, song, dance, customs, folk art and construction methods. This charming environment was precisely the inspiration for the graphic motif that first adorned a baby sling and now a Doux-Doux baby carrier.

The baby carrier was created on the basis of a sling. This means that the pattern is aligned differently in each carrier. The one you get may have a slightly different arrangement of the individual motif elements compared to the one shown in the photograph. This guarantees that your carrier will be unique and one of a kind.

Product details

Brand: Doux-Doux
In stock: 2 Items
Features: safe, comfortable, eco-friendly, ergonomic, provides closeness
Weight rating: up to 20 kg
Age: 4 months old and older
Carrying positions: baby in the front – facing the parent, on the back – facing the parent
Materials: 100% linen and cotton
Use: 4 seasons na prezent, travel
Made for: boys, girls
Size: regulowany,

Using a baby carrier

Wearing a baby in a carrier can be a lot of fun. Who can resist moments of such closeness with the little one?

When your youngster starts to sit up, that's the moment when it's safe to introduce them to a carrier. Although the promise of exciting and amazing trips with the little one is probably tempting right from the outset. However, it is safer to wait. Although there are solutions available for children who are still unable to sit up unaided, we encourage patience. According to those who are in the know, such as sling advisors and orthopaedists, putting a baby in a carrier too early can subject them to a position for which their skeletal system and muscles are not ready yet. And our parenting experience confirms this. After all, we're already carrying our sixth child in a baby carrier. 🥰

Comfort and safety

Doux-Doux carriers combine the wisdom of tradition with the convenience of modern solutions

For centuries the sling remained the most popular solution for carrying children. Closeness of a parent made the child calmer, more likely to fall asleep and to smile. The baby was simply happier. It also allowed parents to enjoy the closeness of their beloved baby, relaxed and safe in a sling. However, slings do have a drawback. It requires considerable skill and time to learn how to tie them correctly. Doux-Doux ergonomic carriers are an answer to this challenge. They combine safety, comfort and convenience with ease of use. Our family has taught us the importance of durability, strength and convenience when it comes to items which we use. Especially when doing something a million times a day. Add to that difficult moments like when dealing with a stich, tiredness, a crying baby... then as parents we want the things that are supposed to help us do our jobs. Something  reliable and helpful with parenting challenges. That is how we tested our carriers, and if something didn't work, we corrected it. The result is a Doux-Doux carrier you can trust.

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