Take a step in the right direction – show your child the world through the eyes of a parent

At Doux-Doux we pride ourselves on using the best materials on the Polish market. The cotton, soft and pleasant to the touch, holds the little one tightly. The Angel Light baby carrier is like a cuddly toy that watches over the comfort and safety of its little friend. Change the tiredness, stress and discomfort of daily walks and long trips to joy, freedom and maximum parental closeness.


Product details

Brand: Doux-Doux
Features: safe, comfortable, eco-friendly, ergonomic, provides closeness
Weight rating: up to 20 kg
Age: 4 months old and older
Carrying positions: baby in the front – facing the parent, on the back – facing the parent
Materials: 100% cotton
Use: 4 seasons na prezent, travel
Made for: boys, girls
Size: regulowany,
ean13: 0080094567634

Using a baby carrier

Keep it clean, enjoy it to the full and pass it on to other travellers once you are done with it

A Doux-Doux carrier with a cute appliqué is a product dedicated for children from the moment they can independently sit up and maintain that position until they reach 20 kg.

Our workshop follows its own rules. Guided by parental intuition, experience and professional knowledge of human anatomy we say a definite NO to classic hard baby carriers. A carrier should be soft, comfortable, with the baby facing the parent and it should support the baby in maintaining a natural position.

Easy care, eco-friendly production, precise workmanship and durability of the fabrics guarantee that you will enjoy your new baby carrier for a long time.

Comfort and safety

A natural baby carrier – wherever there is Angel Light, there must be love!

In cooperation with a trusted graphic designer we combine originality, good looks and attractiveness with practicality. Reinforced side seams, thick, soft belts (hip and shoulder), certified buckles on the side of the hip belt and additional safeguards against unbuckling are only a small part of the benefits, which make climbing Zakopane mountains with a small child a piece of cake for parents.

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